Guidewire insurancesuite training


Guidewire InsuranceSuite™ is a proven platform/solution that promotes optimized insurance operations through insights derived from an engaged global customer community and empowers employees, agents, and customers to respond and adapt to market change.
Guidewire InsuranceSuite is used by the Global Insurance Providers (Companies) to optimize the IT Workflows, adhere fully with the Process & Statutory Compliances and finally simplifying the transactions. Guidewire Platform has proved the extreme Scalability & Flexibility for the Insurance Providers, thus the Insurers have scaled up their offerings to Policyholders & the Agents. Guidewire has been successfully reducing the operating costs of the insurers, thus more benefits to the Underwriters.

Guidewire InsuranceSuite Training course at Varnaaz has been crafted in such a way that the Technical & Functional Professionals will go through the modules of Guidewire Software step by step and be ready to work on the modules of Guidewire: Policy Administration, Billing, and Claims Management.

Varnaaz faculty will take you through the Sample Projects & Case studies for both Technical and Functional areas, thus making every Professional become competent Professional.

Varnaaz faculty will also give orientation to the Guidewire InsuranceSuite Certification program.

Course Prerequisites

  • Basic understanding of XML or another markup language such as HTML and CSS.
  • Program in programming and scripting languages such as Java/J2EE and JavaScript to create control structures such as if-then-else or loops, define variables, pass variables, access values in an array, and so forth.
  • This course is designed for all developers who will be configuring or integrating Guidewire InsuranceSuite modules such as Policy Center, Billing Center, and Claim Center.
CourseCourse NameCourse contentDuration(hrs)Delivery Mode
GW-TGuidewire InsuranceSuite-Technical35 HoursOnline / In-class
GW-FGuidewire InsuranceSuite-Functional35 HoursOnline / In-class
  • You will learn to customize (technical) the OOTB (Out of the Box) Guidewire InsuranceSuite, as per business requirements.
  • Make changes to the Functional Configuration of Guidewire as per client requirements, including the UI changes to the underlying data model changes.
  • You could work as a Technical / Functional Consultant to the Insurer/ Underwriting company.