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Digital Marketing Training in Bangalore

Digital marketing is marketing that makes use of electronic devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones, cellphones, digital billboards, and game consoles to engage with consumers and other business partners. Internet Marketing is a major component of digital marketing.

Digital marketing is becoming a priority for businesses around the world because more people are using the internet. It’s replacing the Physical marketing. So it’s very much essential for all the professionals and Management to learn Digital marketing in order to match the present trends.

This course is a right mix of theory and hands-on experience to make you ready for the Industry Jobs and Projects.Industry based updated curriculum which includes the modules like growth hacking and tools for social media.

digital marketing
Digital marketing training at varnaaz

Course Module

• The need and relevance of Digital Marketing in today’s world
• Digital Marketing explained
• Digital Marketing Concepts
• Search Engines
• Search Engine Optimization
• Pay Per Click (PPC)
• Website Analytic
• Social media marketing
• Email marketing
• Video Marketing
• Mobile marketing
• Digital Marketing Planning
• User Experience Design


digital marketing training Bangalore

What you learn?

The only digital marketing training program where you get in-depth knowledge of all the 17 modules of digital marketing with practical hands-on exposure

Become a Google & Facebook Certified Professional


When all or some of the marketing activities like advertising, promotion, branding, creating utility, value proposition, etc. are done over the internet using digital devices like laptops, palmtops, tablets, mobile etc., it is called Digital Marketing.


Digital Marketing consists of a 6 step process
1. Visibility
2. Bringing targeted traffic
3. Engagement
4. Lead Generation
5. Measurement
6. Retention


This being the first module in the training program, it emphasizes on building the basics of digital marketing starting from the scratch. This module will help you build strong fundamentals that would further help you in the advanced practical session


You will be capable to

1. Understand :

You would be able to know all the fundamentals of digital marketing, which would enhance your knowledge about marketing and further provide useful insights about how to proceed with digital marketing from the scratch.

2. Plan :

After understanding the basics, you would be able to plan out your business model all by yourself. You will learn the building blocks of digital marketing and how to proceed with marketing research while starting a new business.

3. Implement :

A good plan leads to systematized implementation. After you have made a business plan, the next step would be implementing the same. This module will provide you knowledge