Education Tourism

[easingslider id=”1539″] Education Tourism is one of the fastest growing areas of the travel and tourism and one that is too often overlooked by tourism professionals and marketers. Similar to medical tourism, students come to India to get trained on ERP as they don’t get much of opportunities in their country. TOP 6 REASONS WHY…

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Why Implementation Of Microsoft Dynamics AX Is More Attractive For Companies?

Help persons do the job quickly and sensible   Concentrate on business—rather in comparison with on learning new applications—with an answer of which appears and is like any comfortable Microsoft company individual knowledge. Work effectively through an instinctive, Role Tailored graphical user interface and Part Focuses of which guide staff members arrange, prioritize, and accessibility…

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Top 5 Emerging Technologies

  “Technology is necessary for organizational development since businesses purely don’t have a long term devoid of technologies”.  Here are top 05 Emerging Technologies That Could Transform Our Future!!!!!!!!!   Emerging technology is an innovative technology that is certainly at present considering a large size tests. Over time, brand new topics along with method tend…

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7 Things About SharePoint

SharePoint, regarding Microsoft Company, is continuing to grow right billions-of-dollars-a-year almost small business that will increase its marketplace talk about inside the double-digit variety each and every year. To not fit also fine a spot into it: SharePoint is a beast throughout its area. Businesses tend to be implementing that throughout the world to help…

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Train During Notice Period

Train During Notice Period (TDNP) Introduction: “A notice period can be defined as the amount of time an employee has to give from the time he decides to quit until he actually stops working.” It is also known as Redundancy Situation. Redundancy situation is often faced when a person is concerned with trying to get…

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Effectiveness of Online Training

Effectiveness of Online Training Introduction: Online instruction is gaining an increasing presence due to the benefits associated with it. The benefits include the ability to consolidate education and training across geographical and time constraints, and the claim by many that online education and training is cost efficient. Online training is also known by numerous names…

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Significance of Change Management in ERP Implementation

Significance Of Change Management In ERP Implementation Compiled By: Shwetha H. Siddalinga Sindhu Soumya D. Sumanjali Abstract: As the companies are slowly moving from individual system modules to more integrated systems, a lot of opportunities have been created, costs have been reduced but at the same time it has created few challenges and complications for…

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Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics AX over SAP

Microsoft Dynamics AX: One of the many benefits of this system is it has an architecture that is multilayered which makes it very user-friendly for everyone and can adapt to a changing business. Microsoft programs on your computer, such as Word, Excel and Outlook, will work seamlessly with this system, allowing for an easy transfer…

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