TDNP(Train during notice program)

If an employee has been under notice period , they are entitled to reasonable time off with pay during working hours to look for another opportunity or make arrangements for training for future employment.
For Those employees Varnaaz will provide a training where employee find difficulties he can undergo training in notice period only and find reasonable path to his future growth
An employee is entitled to time off with pay for job hunting or to arrange training when facing redundancy if they have worked for their employer for two years. The time off must be allowed during the period of notice.

TDNP: (Train during notice period)

Identify the resource for the job
Check if the candidate has right mix ( Attitude, Communication Skills, Technology)
Selection of the candidate
Fitment criteria as per JD
Planning for the training ( domain, tool & technology)
Candidate resigns from the present job and serves notice period
Training starts in the notice period as per the plan
Periodic evaluation by the customer
Candidate as a ready deployable resource