Microsoft Dynamics ERP Training (Functional and Technical) aimed at MBA, Engineering and MCA students.

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Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance (DynAA) provides free software and support to educational institutions who want to use Microsoft Dynamics Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software in the classroom. Experiencing the latest technology used every day by more than 350,000 organizations and thousands of Microsoft partners worldwide can enhance the students’ classroom experience and can give them a competitive advantage in the job market.
DynAA also cultivates and supports relationships between member institutions and Microsoft Dynamics partners and customers to further enhance curriculum and connect businesses with students interested in pursuing Microsoft Dynamics–related careers.
Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance (DynAA) is a global program that provides licenses to educational institutions that want to use Microsoft Dynamics software for teaching and research purposes.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM software can be incorporated in:

Accounting curricula, including business decision support and analysis; planning and control; purchasing; budgeting; and forecasting.

Business operations curricula, including manufacturing processes; product distribution; and inventory and order management.

Marketing curricula, including improved customer-centric activities; customer valuation analysis; marketing analysis; and gross margin and return on investment analysis.

Business information systems curricula, including business analysis, system design, data maintenance; and business intelligence.

Converting Students into Consultants:


To introduce the field of ERP Systems to students and explain the importance of ERP in today’s business.

To train students in ERP Systems using Microsoft Dynamics ® as a tool

To demystify concepts learn in core Finance, Marketing and Human Resource subjects through examples from business and demonstrate the relevant Navision applications To increase campus employ-ability and hence placement into high profile consulting jobs


Today, when Management students leave university, employers expect them to be well-versed in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Enterprise resource planning holds a promising future in terms of employment and training. The professionals are second to none in terms of demand. Many Thanks to the intuition of companies that have made them realize the importance of ERP. The research conducted by the leading IT consultants has also drawn positive conclusions. They point a vibrant and an ever expanding growth for ERP given the increasing tendency of companies to mechanize and automate enterprise operations.ERP has been the preferred and still continues to be favorite choices among other applications like Customer relationship management. MBA students can learn their subjects by practically simulating business processes using these tools

By using Microsoft Dynamics solutions as a teaching tool, Can provide innovative education that combines theory with the practical skills employers want. Demand for students who graduated from such program is also growing as local companies look for new employees who have theoretical and practical knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics.

Apart from ERP as a career option for you, students, ERP tag on their CV can add huge benefit to tap other jobs because knowledge of using ERP is mostly mandatory for working in corporate environment. ERP is being used in many education institutes as a tool to convey the fundamentals of corporate operations.

Signing this alliance, you will be part of over 1,600 academic institutions across the globe who have free access to

Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM product licenses

e-learning for faculty, students and IT staff

Vouchers for students or faculty to take certification exams at a reduced or free rate when campaigns are available.

Subsidized registration for faculty to attend select Microsoft events, such as Convergence or Academic Days.

Special subsidized registration for faculty and students to attend select Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance seminars or events.

Invitation to serve on the Americas or Europe, Middle East, and Africa Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance Advisory Councils.

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Microsoft partners with school leaders and educators to improve student outcomes, increase the desire to learn, and ensure students have the skills they need to succeed in college and the workforce.